We are dedicated to you having the tools and support to grow your own classes in your own time. We have purposely not followed typical franchise business models. One reason being you would have to invest a large lump sum to buy into it. All at once. A typical franchise for an extra-curricular and/or educational brand can cost between £5000 – £10,000, plus license fees and a share of your profits.

Not every performer can make that commitment, as was the case for our team when we wanted to go into business. We offer a business model created for Performers & Creatives with entrepreneurial qualities to invest in a way that works for them. Your resources grow and your classes grow with them!

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We have kept our costs to a minimum by eliminating the need to prepare you with all the equipment you would ever need, because you can increase your stock as your profits grow. To become a DramEd Teacher and licensee, you simply pay for the training, get qualified and pay monthly for your licence to teach.

This gives you access to the coaching, support and monthly lesson plans. We have an online shop offering a range of equipment and a basic kit list to get you started. Along the way, you can invest in more props, and many of them you can make yourself!


To find out how becoming a DramED Licensee could be the best decision you make this year!