Our programmes & pricing

We have three early years programs available, alongside our After School Club program. Each program has a straightforward pricing structure that we’ve designed to be affordable for teacher-artists like you. Choose the program that suits your needs and budget, and start making a real difference in the lives of children through the magic of performing arts.

Our programmes

DramEd offers programs for preschoolers covering math, literacy, and physical development. Our programs combine music, dance, storytelling, puppetry, and baby signing to make learning fun. As a licensee, you can also deliver primary school workshops and after-school clubs as a DramEd Licensee.


Number Fun

Join the fun of teaching math with the DramEd Number Fun program! Our preschool program helps build early numeracy skills and boosts confidence in math. You don’t need to be a math genius to become a licensee, just an understanding of key mathematical vocabulary for this age group and basic knowledge of the topics you’ll be exploring, which we’ll teach you in our training.


Lilly & Larry Love Literacy

Immerse preschoolers in the world of literacy with our phonics and drama programme. As a DramEd licensee, you’ll guide children through interactive role-playing exercises to enhance their verbal and nonverbal communication skills. With the assistance of our lovable Lion puppets, Lilly and Larry, you’ll reinforce literacy in an engaging and fun way.


Toddle Fit

Toddle Fit is a fun-filled preschool program that inspires good health and self-care through dance. Each session centers around a “master move” and takes children on a journey through dance, set to child-friendly pop songs and nursery rhymes. Our upbeat routines are designed to enhance spatial awareness and get young ones moving and grooving!


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Our Pricing

The cost of becoming a DramEd licensee is broken down as follows:

Initial training fee

Training Fee £3,500
£ 3,500 initial

Ongoing monthly license fee

just £100 per month
£ 100 Per Month


You’ll also be given the option to buy additional programmes at a discounted price once you’ve established yourself as a successful DramEd licensee with a proven track record.

What’s included

As well as comprehensive training in all aspects of establishing, delivering, and running your own successful DramEd classes, as a DramEd licensee you’ll receive:

  • A license to teach and use our growing music collection
  • Monthly lesson plans
  • Access to our branding and marketing library 
  • Access to our music playlist
  • Ongoing business support with fortnightly online check-ins


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* Includes school workshops & after school clubs. Minimum 24 month contract.