Our Licensees

Our DramEd licensees are all gifted performers who have decided to build a career for themselves where they can use their artistic talents for the greater good.

They commit to work that they find fulfilling and that matches their skillset.

And they increase their earning potential, while using their skills to give children a strong foundation in their early years’ education.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, then read on!

Licensing versus franchising

It’s worth noting that franchising experts tend to have a different explanation as to how and why licensing is different to franchising. So we have defined our service to performers as a licensing agreement because we aim to give you more flexibility.

When you become a DramEd licensee, you’re not buying a part of the business and a defined territory to operate in.

Instead, you’re buying the training and support that leads to the freedom to grow your own DramEd business, using our programme as you see fit, as long as you uphold our reputation.

Becoming a DramEd licensee also gives you access to a network of other like-minded people, along with branding and assets all created for you that you can use to help you grow your business.

All of which saves you the money, time, and effort of building a company from scratch yourself.

The benefits of being a DramEd licensee

There are many challenges to working for yourself, but there are also many benefits, and becoming a DramEd licensee allows you to focus on the benefits.

We understand that not every performer can afford what it costs to buy and run a typical children’s activity franchise, so we’ve deliberately made our price point more accessible than the average franchise business in this sector.

What’s more, our monthly license fee is more affordable than that of many other similar businesses, too.

For you, DramEd might just be one strand of a larger business that has lots of different complementary elements, or it might be the only business you run.

But however you choose to run your business:

  • we won’t impose sales targets;
  • we won’t ask for a percentage of your turnover; and
  • we won’t touch your profits.

To become a DramEd licensee, you simply pay for our training and your basic kit, pass our assessment process, then pay a monthly set fee for your license to teach our classes in a way that fits around the rest of your life.

In return, you’ll get access to training in valuable business skills, ongoing coaching support, monthly lesson plans, and the right to use our trademarks and branding for as long as you like.*


What we’re looking for in our licensees

We’re looking for highly-talented performers who’ll nurture children’s imaginations and turn everyday learning into a magical experience.

We’re looking for gifted singers, dancers, and actors, who are not only fabulous at what they do, but also amazing with children.

We’re looking for passionate creatives who share our dream of making learning fun through high-quality performing arts, and who’ll help us realise our ambition of making a difference to as many children as possible.

Does this sound like you? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Either Download our licensing prospectus for more in-depth information, or book a one-to-one discovery call with Grace to start your own DramEd licensing journey.

* Subject to an initial 24-month minimum contract.