number Fun

Become a DramEd Educator in Preschool Maths! Educational settings can book a DramEd Educator to explore maths concepts with DramEd’s Number Fun™. Preschoolers will be introduced to math’s all around us through interactive games, rhythm and rhymes, a mathematical story and an unforgettable math song! We highlight that math’s is all around us and in everything we do!


Please download and review our prospectus & create brand fit  Questionaire.

You do not have to be a Maths Wizard to purchase a DramEd Number Fun™ license.

What is key is an understanding of key mathematical vocabulary useful for this age group which we share in our program and a basic understanding of the topics you will explore with them.

Each session follows a formula which includes a welcome song, interactive math songs, group exercises, and the use of special props.

It’s an opportunity to explore the concept in your environment with a related maths story each week. DramEd Educators make each topic fun using role play and music, which helps create a love for maths through children’s education and beyond!

Program Features

Basic Kit List

Books, Puppets, Pool Noodles, Mini Hair Rollers, Foam Numbers, Number Flip Chart, Optional: 3D Shapes, Portable Speaker, Uniform Dungarees.
Deliver preschool maths classes, exploring and inspiring a love of math’s by using themed stories, songs and interactive games.
Additional Programmes: You can also opt to buy 2 or 3 programmes together.