About DramEd

DramEd was founded in 2019 by Grace Francis – an actress and mum of 3 who’s on a mission to make high-quality performing arts accessible to all children, regardless of their cultural background, level of English, or ability.

Grace’s other passion – besides her family – is helping other entrepreneurial performers build a life that nurtures their goals and dreams, without having to choose between doing what they love, or earning money.

She’s all-too-familiar with the crushing career anxiety that comes from finding yourself flitting between a succession of unfulfilling jobs, that reflect neither your training nor your talents, in-between auditioning for your next acting role.

Which is why at DramEd, we want to give working class performers the opportunity to learn valuable business skills while still doing what they love, whether that’s on the stage or in front of the camera.


What we offer

DramEd offers a range of performing arts-based programmes and workshops for children aged 2 – 11 years that support them in their early years’ education.

Our licensees help children unleash their imaginations by expressing themselves creatively, using performance and role-play to engage them experientially.

We make the arts accessible, nurture growing imaginations, and help close any educational performance gaps.

Why choose DramEd?

DramEd is built by entrepreneurial performers for entrepreneurial performers – we know your struggles, as well as what makes you tick, because we’re cut from the same cloth as you. We’ve created a simple and affordable business model that best suits talented performers who enjoy working with children.

We know that it’s not unusual for performers to have other commitments, so we’ve built our company with that in mind: our licensees may be performers who like to tour, or they may be parents – or both!

When you become a DramEd licensee, we give you the tools and support to grow your own classes. Our business model is created for talented performers and passionate creatives to invest in a way that works for you

Our achievements

We’re just as proud of our glowing customer reviews as we are of our awards – winners of the Women of the Future awards 2020, and finalists in the Music & Drama Education Awards 2021.

We’re also members of Equity, as well as ICAP, the Institute of Children’s Activity Providers.

To find out more about becoming a DramEd licensee, download our licensing prospectus today.