About DramEd

DramEd was founded in 2019 by Grace Francis – an actress and mother of three. Grace is passionate about making high-quality performing arts education accessible to all children, regardless of their cultural background, English proficiency, or ability.

Alongside her love for her family, Grace is also dedicated to helping entrepreneurial performers build careers that align with their goals and dreams without having to compromise their passions for financial stability. As an actress herself, she understands the challenges of navigating unfulfilling jobs while auditioning for roles that reflect neither training nor talent.

At DramEd, we provide working-class performers with the tools to develop valuable business skills while continuing to pursue their love for the stage or screen. Our aim is to empower performers to build successful and rewarding careers teaching performing arts to children in schools and nurseries.


What we offer

At DramEd, we provide a variety of performing arts programs and workshops for children aged 2-11 years old, designed to support their early years education.

Through our licensees, we encourage children to express themselves creatively and engage them experientially with performance and role-play. Our goal is to make the arts accessible to all children, regardless of their background, and to foster growing imaginations.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and we work hard to close any educational performance gaps through our innovative and effective teaching methods.

Why choose DramEd?

At DramEd, we understand the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurial performers, because we are performers ourselves. Our simple and affordable business model is designed with talented performers who enjoy working with children in mind.

We know that performers often have other commitments, so we’ve made it easy for our licensees to create a schedule that works for them. Whether you’re a touring performer or a busy parent (or both!), we’ll provide you with the tools and support you need to grow your own classes.

Our business model is flexible and adaptable, allowing passionate creatives to invest in a way that suits their individual needs and goals. When you become a DramEd licensee, you’ll be joining a community of like-minded professionals who are committed to providing high-quality performing arts education to children across the UK.


Our achievements

We’re just as proud of our glowing customer reviews as we are of our awards – winners of the Women of the Future awards 2020, and finalists in the Music & Drama Education Awards 2021.

We’re also members of Equity, as well as ICAP, the Institute of Children’s Activity Providers.

To find out more about becoming a DramEd licensee, download our licensing prospectus today.