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DramEd Licensing

DramEd draws on the performing arts to teach and explore core subjects in schools, nurseries and other educational settings.

We specialise in giving young children a strong foundation in their early years’ education, while maintaining an approach to learning that’s both joyful and explorative.

We’re all entrepreneurial performers who use our abilities as singers, dancers and actors to make learning fun.

What’s more, we encourage passionate creatives to build a life that nurtures their goals and dreams through our licensing opportunities.

As a DramEd licensee, you’ll partner with us to help us realise our ambition of reaching as many children as possible with our unique teaching methods, while building a rewarding business that fits around your life as a performer.

You’ll establish, teach, and profit from your own DramEd classes , allowing you to pursue a well-paid career that gives you the flexibility to carry on doing the things you’re passionate about.

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Our Programs

All of our programs can be taught by DramEd Educators and you can become qualified in as many programs you wish.

Train to become a qualified DramEd Educator, Dream Big, Start Small, but most of all, Start!

more details on our programmes and price plan.

How to qualify as a DramED Educator

We offer licenses, set at a rate that we’ve found to be affordable for the average teacher-artist. But, we also take what we do very seriously, and therefore we place a real value on quality assurance...

Completing Your Practical Assesment

To keep your costs low, we ask you to apply when you have the qualified artistic skills and the confidence of working with children necessary to running a business like ours. This means taking measures to have the relevant checks in place, such as DBS. The fee(s) for our training programmes are non-refundable...Read More

Why choose dramed?

When a child is given permission to creatively express, it helps young learners to develop creative problem-solving skills...Read More


We are dedicated to you having the tools and support to grow your own classes in your own time. We have purposely not followed typical franchise business models...Read More

We want to partner with talented performers who are amazing with children. Is that you? 

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