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DramEd Licensing

DramEd Licensing provides professional performers with all the tools they need to succeed in teaching a performing arts based curriculum to young children in schools and nurseries. Our comprehensive 4-week training program, lesson plans, and music make it easy for you to create engaging and effective classes that children will love.

Take control of your career as a professional performer by becoming a DramEd licensee. 

We’re dedicated to giving children a strong foundation in their education through joyful and explorative learning. Our unique approach combines our skills as actors with tailored music, curriculum alignment, and cutting-edge research. As a licensee, you’ll receive 4 weeks of training covering everything from building your client list to innovative teaching methods.

Join the DramEd Licensing community and build a career that nurtures your goals and dreams

As a DramEd licensee, you have the freedom to establish and teach your own classes, giving you the flexibility to pursue a rewarding career that aligns with your passions and provides a solid income stream.

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